We operate primarily in the real estate and healthcare sectors, both as an investor and as a diversified servicer.


- The strongest focus is on real estate -


In this area, we are constantly working to build up a long-term, sustainable and high-quality portfolio consisting of multi-family houses and micro-apartments in metropolitan cities throughout Germany and their surrounding sub-areas.

In addition to active participation in real estate investments and projects, our group also founds, participates in, and builds up companies such as the consulting boutique Seil & Co. Investment (www.seil-co.com), the Investment Manager RAC Real Assets Capital (www.rac-frankfurt.de), the brokerage Paul & Partner Real Estate (www.paul-partner.com) or the commercial real estate broker CAPPAS Transactions (www.cappas-transactions.de), etc.

Home market of the entire activities is Wiesbaden, Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main area. In real estate we invest all throughout Germany.

We are pleased about your contact and/or offers with multi-family houses, free-hold apartments up to 50 square meters in absolute top locations or commercial properties in cities starting from 10,000 inhabitants as well as centre plots with more than 3,500 square meters. In the top Metropolitan Cities of Europe we are also interested in trophy investments together with our partners.




TwentyTwo Capital GmbH
Located: Frankfurt (Germany)
Managing Partner: Maximilian Seil